Trust founded on service

Trust and service: Two of the key values intrinsic to the cooperation between our clients and our consultancy network LUDWIG CONSULT. The principles of trust and service determine a working practice which fulfils the most demanding professional standards and yet which is characterised by the human touch in the close relationship with our clients. The high level of satisfaction and loyalty of our clients are testimony to the success of our approach.

We invite you to discover more about our work, services and partners.

Duties change but not our aspirations

In the course of over 38 years, we have evolved from a local tax business to nationwide tax experts with around 50 dedicated professionals, a success which we owe not least to the networking and partnership within our consultancy network LUDWIG CONSULT, with offices in Germany (Trier) and Luxembourg (Grevenmacher).

A short look back: In 1981 Josef Ludwig founded the tax consultancy in Trier as a solo business. In 1997 it was transformed into a tax consultancy and auditing firm. The auditing activities were spun off in 2011 into a separate auditing firm – LUDWIG & DIENER Revision GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.

In 1994 the demand for international tax advice led to the establishment of LUDWIG & MALDENER S.à r.l. in Luxembourg. LMS Services S.à r.l. was set up in 2012 in Grevenmacher to provide support for foreign investors locating in Luxembourg and to manage holding companies.

In 2012 the close collaborative relationships of all companies led to the establishment of the consultancy network LUDWIG CONSULT.